Saturday, February 18, 2012

What is hope?

Today in the library, I spotted a book that was written on the age old theme of 'love, loss and rediscovering hope'. It seemed like a good book but I could not bring myself to try to read it. I realized at that point that I was not afraid if I would ever find hope again. I was scared of the fact that I will find it. After my last disappointment, I have been dodging my own hope.

So, what is hope? Is it a window, through which we look into the future? Is it a consolation we give ourselves promising for a better tomorrow? How do we know there would be one? Well, we can only 'hope'..

When viewed through this mirror, I found hope to be an empty boast. A baseless assumption. A day-dream. The future always remains shrouded and there is no way we can peek in. So how do we move forward? How do we live through today to see tomorrow? How do we expect to find something better in future?

Instead of being pulled forward by the delicate thread of hope, I would much rather walk the road of plans. Not future plans, present plans. Losing my hope, I realized that I was looking much too far into future. All I really had in my hands was the present, and by losing it, I lost all.

It is important to know why you do something and where it will take you. One should 'hope' for success in plans and keep the feet of ability rooted in reality. I don't if this makes any sense, but if I write it down 'its no longer threatening the life it belongs to'.

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